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Filter Services

Munster Marathon Auto Repair offers Filters at low prices to keep your vehicle running clean and smooth.  Whether it is an oil filter which keeps your oil clean, or a cabin air filter which cleans the air you breathe, filters do a great deal of work behind the scenes!  When a filter is full of particles, it can restrict the flow of fluids and air, making the systems in your vehicle work harder to to the same amount of work.  This can even lead to premature wear and even failure of major vehicle components (engine, transmission, fuel pump)

Oil Filter (Every 3,000 Miles)

Cabin Air Filter (Every 18,000 Miles)

Cabin air filters are designed to filter the air you breathe, which comes out of your heating and cooling vents.  Filtering out pollen and other airborne pollutants, these filters keep you breathing easy while enjoying your vehicle.  If equipped, it is recommended the cabin air filter be replaced every 18,000 miles. 

Air Filter (Every 12,000 Miles)

Air filters filter the air your car breathes.  Even the smallest particle of sand or dirt can damage an engine if it is allowed to enter

Fuel Filter (change with each tune-up, or every 40,000 miles)

It's not the size that matters!  These little guys play a crucial role in delivering clean, consistent fuel supply to your engine.  The suggested intervals to change the fuel filter vary quite a bit.  In general, you should consider replacing it every few years, or at each tune-up you have performed.

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