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Exhaust Systems

Munster Marathon Auto Repair - Mufflers & Exhaust Service

The exhaust system contains a series of integrated components including the catalytic converter, muffler and tailpipe. Today’s vehicles also incorporate various computer sensors, such as the oxygen sensor, to help clean the gases that an internal combustion engine produces. Vehicle manufacturers have made great strides in reducing the amount of harmful gases coming from the exhaust system. Exhaust systems today are better than ever. However, your muffler, exhaust pipe and catalytic converter are still vulnerable to corrosion and damage thanks to the elements of northwest indiana. After all, they’re under your car. The next time your vehicle is on the lift, ask for a FREE exhaust system and muffler check.


Exhaust systems today are better than ever.  They have to be to provide better:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Pollution and noise control
  • Safety

The Benefits of Repairing your Exhaust System

  • You save money on gas. Higher operating temperatures and catalytic converters help engines burn fuel more efficiently.
  • You breathe easier. More of the harmful gases and compounds are burned in the exhaust system and catalytic converter before they are released into the atmosphere. This helps reduce the pollutants that can cause smog.


How Munster Marathon Auto Repair Can Help.

Inspection and repair of today’s exhaust systems requires special training, testing equipment, and tools.

  • If your car begins to growl, your engine chokes, or you suspect an exhaust system leak, don’t wait. Bring your vehicle to the Tire Experts Complete Auto Care.
  • Our ASE certified technicians will inspect your exhaust for FREE and provide a written estimate of any required repairs.
  • Schedule an appointment. Or, stop by at your convenience. Same day appointments available. We're open evenings, and Saturdays.
  • All of Tire Experts Complete Auto Care Exhaust work is backed by a nation wide warranty.
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